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Today, a lot of search engines like Google are using meta descriptions as a ranking factor.

Your meta description also allows you to add a preview of your website. Your meta description should also includes the SEO keywords that you are targeting.

If you are using Mark Copy, then it is very easy to write your meta descriptions. 🤖

In the templates section, you have a template called « Meta descriptions ». Here, you can write your meta description with our Meta description generator.

It is very simple to use. 🚀
Meta description generator

Here is what you will see :

SEO Meta description generator template

How to use the meta description generator ?

Have you ever wondered how to use the meta description generator of Mark Copy ? This generator gives you the possibility to generate meta descriptions for your next SEO content. This tool will help you a lot to optimize your site for search engines.

Here is two inputs you can give to Mark Copy AI :

  1. The SEO keyword you want to rank for
  2. The topic related to the SEO keyword

Let’s start with the first one !

How to write a SEO meta description

As you can see, I just entered the SEO keyword. In this case “Meta description generator”.

Mark Copy generates me idea of meta descriptions that I can use. Let’s take the first one and improve it :

Are you stuck in writing meta descriptions for your website ? Use this meta description generator to create your meta description 3x faster with Mark Copy.

And tadaaaa

As you can see, I changed a few word and more importantly I added my primary keyword inside so Google can see it !

You can also give more details in the input so Mark have more information on what to write 🙂

Why optimizing your meta description is important ?

Optimizing your meta description is important because it gives you the opportunity to attract more people and in turn, increase your site traffic. When you search for a product or service on Google, you will see that the results include a snippet of your page content, along with the meta description. This makes this paragraph something very important to optimize.

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