Death, taxes, and content. Some things in life are guaranteed. Make no mistake, content has earned its place on the exclusive list of the inevitable – no matter your industry or company size.

But it’s not enough to just create content, your content needs to be highly efficient. When humans have shorter attention spans than a goldfish, it is essential to know how to grip your audience’s attention. 

This is why creating effective, attention grabbing titles is vital to attracting as much traffic as possible to your website. This is your audiences first impression of your SEO optimised article, and possibly the first impression of your company. The stakes are high.

Let’s take a look at the best method to generate SEO optimised blog article titles effectively using Mark Copy AI.

First things first: open Mark Copy AI

To get started with your blog post titles, start by heading over to the Mark Copy AI dashboard. On the left hand side under Writing Assistant, you’ll be able to see all the different templates available to co-write your marketing content with the AI. 🤖

Just like this:

Here, we want to find the best blog post titles ideas to make every user click on our blog article !

Don’t forget : the nicer and catchy your blog post title is, the more readers you will attract. So it is a core step in your writing strategy 💙

Go ahead and click on the “Blog Title” template

As soon as you click on the Blog Title template, Mark kicks into action. Because Mark Copy AI has been trained (and continues to be trained) on over 175 billion trainable parameters, it has learned the recipe for a good blog post title. The best performing blog titles are above all else clear and catchy.

Users are often attracted by numbered lists, social proof (especially from those in the same industry), and articles that provide a clear outcome. A “How to” guide is a good example of an article with a clear end result. Keywords also play a part in the SEO puzzle, and a blog title is likely to perform a lot better if it contains the main keyword of your blog article. ✍️

Here is where you get after clicking on the “Blog Title” template on the dashboard. 👇🏼


Set up the inputs for the AI

AI has a lot of capabilities, but like any AI, the output can only be as good as the directions it is given. Mark is no different. He needs you, as the content creator and subject matter expert, to co-create the best blog post title with you.

We do this by giving Mark Copy AI clear, concise instructions.

The quality of the content is closely related to the inputs you give to the AI. So make sure we are as clear as we can possibly be – the more accurate you are, the better Mark Copy AI will understand what you want him to do for you.

In general the more information we are able to provide, the more specific the outputs are going to be. This is a Goldilocks situation though. Not enough information and the output will often be too vague. Too much information and the parameters we spoke about become too narrow.

To illustrate what we mean more clearly, check out the following inputs below:

  • “How to do SEO”
  • “How to do SEO with an AI based tool for my blog” 
  • “How to do SEO optimised blog with an AI based tool for my start up business in 2023”

From here we want to select the input and output language, and most importantly the tone that we want the article to be written in. Setting the tone of the article starts with the title, so be sure not to overlook this part. 

Generate your first blog post title draft

There you go!  As soon as you’re done selecting the languages, tone, and writing the inputs; click on generate to let Mark do it’s magic!

You can either choose one out of this first draft, or generate new ideas from Mark Copy AI – tweaking the inputs as you go if needed. If one idea seems appealing to you, you can click on the button to extend the idea to the full text editor to make any final tweaks to the title before jumping into the blog outline. 

Adding your all important personal touch to this blog title! 😍

Perfect, you’re now ready to kill it with your blog post title, already with SEO in mind! 💙

Time to jump into a full SEO optimised article!

Happy writing! 🤖

About the Author Camille Dufossez

SEO manager @MarkCopy

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