In this article, you will find out how Mark Copy, our tool, is better in every way.

Mark Copy – A more developed tool than Writesonic

Writesonic has been a useful tool for content writers.

Recently, however, a new challenger has emerged, and it’s called Mark Copy. 🤖

From what we hear from our clients, Mark Copy is much more developed than Writesonic’s. We have solved many use cases that Writesonic users encounter on a daily basis. Basically, we get you the real results through AI.

Sure having 70+ templates is appealing but that’s not what we believe is important at Mark Copy. We believe in results.

Writesonic alternative Mark Copy

We believe that that by having a few but really useful templates, you will make a better use of AI. That’s why on Mark Copy you will only find about 20 templates but that solves real problems (SEO, LinkedIn, storytelling) :

Writesonic comparative Mark Copy

Mark Copy is a more developed tool than Writesonic. Mark Copy has several additional features that make it a more complete tool :

SEO integration : do you want to use AI to write content that doesn’t rank? Me neither… That’s why we strongly focused on our SEO integration. Writing content with AI is cool, but what’s cooler is to write optimized SEO content.

Better use cases : with Mark Copy, you can also write really good LinkedIn posts and also you can write amazing product descriptions that are SEO-optimized. You will get better results.

Mark Copy has a very good interface and UX. This interface is very user-friendly and it is able to produce really qualitative content with only few clicks.

Mark Copy #1 advantage, which Writesonic does not have

In only one word : SEO.

For example, if you want to rank #1 with a keyword “seo optimization” you need to use this keyword in your article.

But optimizing can take so much time. 🥶

Mark Copy will automatically generate semantic keywords that are related closely to the original keyword inside your article.

This is the fastest and best way to rank. ⚡️

Mark Copy is the next generation productivity tool. It will enable you to write great articles. It’s easy to use, so even if you are not a great writer you will become a creator.

We believe that anyone can become a creator.

It is not a secret that SEO is now the most important factor to get visitors on your website/online store.

Writesonic does not have its own SEO tool, but this is not necessarily a disadvantage. Many experts are able to apply their own techniques using the platform and get really good results.

With Mark Copy, you can be a complete beginner and still compete with those experts.

SEO doesn’t rely on magic or luck, but on a combination of elements. The first is your copywriting. The second is choosing the right keywords. Mark Copy will help you with all that but on Writesonic you will struggle a bit more.

Writesonic is easy to use, Mark Copy even more so

Writesonic is easy to use, but Mark Copy is even more so. In most cases, it only takes minutes to make it all happen! As a result, anyone can create engaging content with just a few clicks.

Writesonic is an awesome tool to create articles, but Mark Copy is different. It is something revolutionary. Mark Copy will help you break the limits of your imagination and productivity.

Writesonic – a price between $10 and $600 per month

With Writesonic you can start at $10 per month. However, be aware that what you get differs depending on the quality of the generation that you select : Premium – Good – Average – Economy.

Writesonic pricing

Yes you can have a $10 plan but you won’t be able to write a lot of content.

Even worse, you might be tempted to go on the Economy quality of text.

You content will not be read and Google won’t like the content because it only recommend premium quality content.

Mark Copy starts at $49 per month. But with this plan you will be able to double / triple your creation of quality content that Google loves.

Which will get you the real ROI.

Mark Copy pricing

Here are our prices:

See Mark Copy’s pricing! 🎁

Writesonic is not your security’s best friend

For the reasons that we wrote above, we do not recommend Writesonic to rank your content on Google.

If that’s what you are looking to do, you will have a hard time.

First because you will have to optimize your article with the right SEO keywords as Writesonic is not doing automatically for you.

And second because you might not get the best quality of generation.

The best alternative to Writesonic – what should you remember?

If you want to rank your content on Google then do not use Writesonic.

It’s better to use a different system that will help you to create the content you want to create.

We are not against any service, but it has to be the right one for you.

You don’t want your content to be rejected by Google.

That’s what we want for you, that your content ranks well on Google.

So if you are looking for a service that will help you to rank on Google, then consider Mark Copy.

About the Author Selim Chehimi

CEO @MarkCopy

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