Mark Copy AI vs Jasper : a battle between two bots

First they were, then Jarvis, and now finally (we think) Jasper. Regardless of how many times they change their name, one thing is for certain: Jasper is one of the closest competitors to Mark Copy AI.

And it’s easy to draw comparisons. We’re both web applications offering high-powered AI copywriting and content generation tools, based on the GPT-3 natural language model. We both have some pretty good-looking robots.

But of course there are the differences. These are the ones that we think are worth considering:

Love they user

Jasper does a lot of things really well:

  • The integrations with SEO Surfer and Copyscape (more on these integrations later), are key for making sure your content is SEO optimised and 100% original content.
  • They have a pretty strong Facebook community group where people share recipes, tips, and workarounds if Jasper (Jarvis? Is Jarvis the name of the robot?) starts copying and pasting the same content throughout an article.
  • Great template collection with around 50 templates. While other players on the market have gone for a quantity over quality approach, it’s refreshing to see Jasper keep a tight focus on the core templates that most developers are going to use in their projects.

One drawback to using Jasper is that it requires some practice until it can produce content that you can rely on with longer form content, and has a steeper learning curve than other writing assistants. The interface of the technology is user-friendly, but with Jasper’s many required commands, input prompts, etc, it can be frustrating for people new to GPT-3 AI technology to get a hold of.

For more long form content, this was the challenge for us. How do we make long form content, that is SEO optimised, in a workflow that is easy to understand for everyone? Rocket Mode was our way to simplify this content creation puzzle. By following the prompt workflow, you’ll be guided through your first draft in a couple of minutes.

Start by:

  • Choosing your topic – though if you need help with ideas we have you covered there too
  • Select the tone of voice – this is where you can also select your own custom tone with your company in mind.
  • Configure your SEO – Mark Copy AI will generate suggestions for keywords to include, based on your topic. The recommendations will show you the keyword Average Search Volume, Trend, and Competition for those keywords. Ensuring that your keyword choice gives your article the best chance to rank at the top of Google search results. Of course you can add your own suggestions as well.
  • Generate your outline and brief – Mark Copy AI will generate ideas for blog outlines, as well as an introduction for you to adjust later as needed.
  • Review your first draft – this is where you can edit, rewrite, or modify your optimised article before being taken to the blog editor to do further edits and expand or reduce the length of your content as needed.

This is how we can create a first draft in no time – leaving you as the product expert to decide what to leave in and what to leave out. Adding your own unique perspective, references, and tweaking the content to match your tone of voice as you go 🚀

100% original content

Original content is an extremely important part for SEO optimisation. It is important to have 100% original content for many reasons. The main reason is that search engines will penalise you if you feature copied content. Also, Google has its own algorithm that takes into account the originality of your text. So, it is important to have 100% original content to guarantee the quality of your website, and guarantee that your audience can find you.

Jasper and Mark Copy AI both have a big focus on SEO optimisation, and have a commitment to producing 100% original content.


Despite this, Jasper does tend to repeat itself quite often. Grabbing sentences or paragraphs created earlier and copying and pasting them again through longer form content. For this reason, the end user ends up needing to make quite a few adjustments in order to create content that isn’t duplicated.

Below is an example of how this can look, grabbed from the their recipe section.

All of the content so far (the content description / brief, introduction, and first paragraph) has been duplicated. This creates the need to rewrite all content, costing you time where it should be saving it.


Jasper often generates quotes and statements that at first seem awesome, but in fact may be false. But since these quotes are made by AI, pulling information from a variety of sources rather than 1, you need to verify the information before passing it on as true to guarantee accuracy.

Replacement rather than assistant content creators

Artificial Intelligence tools have already revolutionised our world in many ways. Now, AI is beginning to make its mark on the world of content creation. AI writing tools are becoming more and more common, and they’re growing in popularity. They can be found in a range of different software packages, including social media applications, publishing platforms, and other content management systems.

Writing tools have been designed to make the job of a writer easier, and to help save time and effort. However, some tools seem to be adopting the position that they can replace writers altogether. Much of the conversation around artificial intelligence and machine learning focuses on the potential of AI to replace human beings.

Jasper seems to fall into this category.

On behalf of all the humans out there, is especially concerning, as there are many reasons why AI should not be looking to replace content creators – but rather should be their writing assistant, working alongside the content creator.

Mark Copy’s goal is to be that assistant, leaving you time to add your own flavour, style, creativity, research, etc, to help you smash your content creation goals. We think this difference in ethos is key to creating great content at scale, and ensuring that there is no chance to be penalised by Google’s Helpful Content update which is designed to penalise content that relies too heavily on repetitive AI content.

SEO and Plagiarism is considered an extra, not a must.

Both Jasper and Mark Copy AI can insure that your content is optimised for SEO, and plagiarism free.

But plagiarism free doesn’t come free with Jasper. Neither does SEO optimisation. Both are considered an optional extra with tidy price tag attached. SEO features will cost an additional $59 per month.

Making sure your content is 100% plagiarism free will cost as well. Plagiarism checks are an optional add-on and that search costs $.03 for the first 200 words, plus $.01 for each additional 100 words after that. Meaning checking 100,000 words (the recommended Boss Plan word limits), will set you back approximately an additional $10 per month.

In contrast, SEO optimised and 100% plagiarism free content is baked into the Mark Copy DNA. After all – what is the point of creating great content if your audience is unable to find it?

We want to include valuable SEO data such as keyword volume, competition on keyword stats, and SEO optimisation recommendations; for every single customer. This is why Mark Copy AI has both SEO functionality (part of this is shown below) and a plagiarism checker built into the platform.

Focus is on individuals rather than businesses.

Jasper have some elements that are steering them in the direction of being a business tool. For example:

  • Social Media content templates
  • Ad copy templates
  • Blog article content templates
  • Email marketing/sales templates
  • Ecommerce/Product description templates
  • Custom templates
  • Team collaboration
  • Flexible billing

But it misses two key attributes here:

Custom tone of voice

Though with Jasper you can input whichever generic tone you like on some templates (it can do pretty funny impressions of Hulk Hogan), it’s unable as far as we can see to create a tone that reflects your businesses tone of voice or your brand values. And we all know how important striking the right tone of voice can be.

Mark Copy AI has the feature set listed above, but also offers the ability to create custom tones, reflecting your businesses style and brand values as closely as possible. Which is key when it comes to connecting your audience, with your business.

Full API access

Mark Copy AI also allows full API access – granting companies access to be able use AI inside their own applications, instantly leveraging technology for greater productivity gains, and perfect for developing custom workflows with other tools.

Multi language support

Jasper has translations available in 25+ languages. In comparison, Mark Copy AI has 5 (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Mandarin). Whilst this seems like a slam dunk for Copy AI, as with a lot of things the devil is in the detail.

Many content creation tools, Jasper included, have partnered with automatic translators to support content in other languages. In this case, Jasper have partnered with DeepL. So while they are able to translate into many languages quickly, the quality of the translation comes into question. If you’ve ever used any online translator, you find out pretty quickly that tone and context can quickly be lost.

DeepL also states on their website that they take no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of translations.

Mark Copy AI works with native copywriters to train the AI. This is how we ensure the best content translation. Getting you closer to the right tone and context, so as little as possible is lost in translation. So whilst we are currently working with less languages (although more will be added), the translation in those languages is of higher quality to support a multilingual strategy.


In the battle of the bots, both Jasper and Mark Copy AI offer 3 pricing plans. Starting with Jasper, this is broken up into Starter, Boss Mode, and Business.

Content Marketing teams that need to create and publish long form content (blog posts, white papers, etc) as well as short form content (Facebook ads, product descriptions, etc) will find the Jasper Starter Plan to fall short of requirements. As they mention this is aimed for the hobbyist rather than the professional.

Meaning most will be looking at either the Boss Mode or the Business package is the one most people will look at. And neither come cheap.

As highlighted earlier in the post, SEO features will cost an additional $59 per month, and plagiarism checks costs $.03 for the first 200 words, plus $.01 for each additional 100 words after that, per search. Meaning checking 100,000 words once (the recommended Boss Plan word limits), will set you back approximately an additional $10 per month.

So if looking at the Boss Mode plan, at 100,000 words, with the SEO and plagiarism features, you’re looking at approximately $168 per month.

This is all without a free trial, though they do promise to give you a full refund if you email them within 5 days:

“Over the next 5 days, make an informed decision if Jasper meets the hype. If you’re not whistling with joy from the content Jasper wrote for you, then simply email we’ll instantly refund 100% of your money.

-Dave Rogenmoser, Co-Founder, Jasper CEO

Mark Copy AI has opted for simpler pricing – more a what you see is what you get kinda deal.

When comparing Mark Copy’s Pro plan to Jasper’s Boss Mode, you’ll see that they cost essentially the same, but Mark Copy AI includes the vital SEO and plagiarism features in the package.

We also offer a free trial – no credit card or upfront payment required 😊

If still curious to learn more about how Mark Copy AI compares to Jasper, or you would like to see how we can help you and your team with your content creation goals, please let us know here.

We would love to chat 😊

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