Comparing Copy AI and Mark Copy AI, you’re going to see a few similarities. Both are web applications offering high-powered AI copywriting and content generation tools, based on the GPT-3 natural language model.

We even have a similar ethos when it comes to the part that AI can play in content creation. Whilst many competitors in the AI writing space claim to do all of the writing for you, both Copy AI and Mark Copy AI believe that the role for AI is as an assistant to the writer. Making it easier to be creative, and productive.

You’ll likely see a few other similarities as you read on. The goal of this article is to help highlight some of the differences worth considering when comparing the two.

SEO Optimisation

The importance of creating content optimised for SEO can not be overstated. You want to give your target market what they want with the least amount of friction. It will come as a surprise to no one that the first three 3 results get the vast majority of clicks.

If you want your content to rank at top of search results, and convert more traffic into sales, you need to create a website with high quality content that is SEO optimised.

Copy AI have opted to leave out valuable SEO data such as keyword volume, competition on keyword stats, and SEO optimisation recommendations.

In comparison, Mark Copy AI has leaned heavily into this. We believe there’s no point creating great content if your audience is unable to find it.

We do all of this inside the Text Editor interface, removing the need to have multiple tools across many tabs.

Video of mark copy AI SEO score vs Copy AI

And with our new integration with Dokey, expect to see even greater SEO optimisation going forward 🚀


Keyword volume, keyword competition, backlinks, etc, all form part of the SEO optimisation puzzle. Creating 100% original content also has an impact on how your audience will find your content.

Google wants to see original content and does not reward plagiarised writing. You have to have your own ideas, even if you are writing about a topic that has been written about before.

Plagiarised content adds no value, and the penalties from Google and other search engines are severe. Your SERP ranking will almost certainly be affected, and in extreme cases your website removed entirely.

Copy AI has opted against any plagiarism detection, so is unable to guarantee if content is unique or original. In a Copy AI review by uSERP , they took an article they had generated with Copy AI and put it through a plagiarism detector. The plagiarism score was 18% for a 200 word piece of content. This means nearly a fifth of the content generated was unoriginal.

For reference, a score of 5% or below is considered reasonable.

Mark Copy AI has an integrated plagiarism checker – powered one of the leading online plagiarism checkers. This is done to ensure that content generated by Mark Copy AI is unique every time, adding value to your audience, and not negatively affecting your SERP ranking.

It will also provide you with a report if there are any hits that come back.

Multi language support

Copy AI has translations available in 25+ languages. In comparison, Mark Copy AI has 5 (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Mandarin). Whilst this seems like a slam dunk for Copy AI, as with a lot of things the devil is in the detail.

Many content creation tools, Copy AI included, have partnered with automatic translators to support content in other languages. In this case, Copy AI have partnered with DeepL. So while they are able to translate into many languages quickly, the quality of the translation comes into question. If you’ve ever used any online translator, you find out pretty quickly that tone and context can quickly be lost.

DeepL also states on their website that they take no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of translations.

Mark Copy AI works with native copywriters to train the AI. This is how we can have the best content translation possible. Getting you closer to the right tone and context, so as little as possible is lost in translation. So whilst we are currently working with less languages (although more will be added), the translation in those languages is of higher quality to support a multilingual strategy.

Team collaboration

For many companies, content creation is not siloed with one person. A marketing team will often oversee content creation from copywriting, to graphic design to video production, but input can also come from product teams, sales teams, etc. It’s often much more than a one person job.

Mark Copy AI was designed with this in mind. Live Collaboration combines AI copywriting and editing tools, with the knowledge of your team. It’s easy to edit and collaborate with your team across departments, borders, and time zones; and organise this content directly on the platform.


90+ templates, and more that keep being added is an awful lot – and Copy AI blow a lot of companies out of the water when it comes to sheer volume of templates. As far as I’m aware, they are the only AI powered content creation tool with a specific template for a family mission statement.

However, a whooping 7 of these templates are for resignation letters. So if you’re resigning your role, and you are a dental assistant, designer, executive assistant, social worker, looking for growth, a career change, or if you just want to resign immediately; Copy AI has a template for you.

This begs the question of quantity over quality.

Mark Copy AI has 40+ optimised templates at the time of writing, and are generating more all the time. Covering social media, blog, e-commerce, branding, email, advertising, use cases; as well as more niche ones like real estate. Copy AI also has these core templates.

We also like to work with out customers to create templates that are specific to their use cases. This allows us to further direct the AI, generating better results.

Creating custom tone

The same thing we said about templates we can also say about tones. Copy AI and Mark Copy AI both agree here – tone is incredibly important when it comes to creating content in your unique voice. We both have the ability out of the box to adjust the tone of your writing with the click of a button.

However, as is the case with templates, we like to work with our customers to create your own tone of voice, beyond what comes out of the box. And the more content we create an input inside Mark Copy AI, the more the AI learns how you like to write.


Copy AI has a pretty good freemium model, offering 2000 words per month. This is only available in English, doesn’t come with any new releases, or access to their Blog Wizard tool which is pretty cool. It’s very similar to Mark Copy’s Rocket Mode, except the Blog Wizard tool doesn’t come with any SEO features or guarantee that it isn’t plagiarised.

From the free version, the paid plans start at $49, going up to $99, $279, and then a custom option. With the paid versions you are able to unlock the full suite of features and service.

Mark Copy AI paid plans also start at $49, going up to $99, and then a custom option allowing for unlimited content creation, custom AI templates, custom tones, API access, etc.

We also offer a free trial (no credit card required) 😊

If still curious to learn more about how Mark Copy AI compares to Copy AI, or you would like to see how Mark Copy AI can help you and your team with your content creation goals, please let us know here.

We would love to chat 😊

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