SEO is one of the keys to ranking your blog. Indeed, the latter is essential to make your site known, attract new visitors and convert them into customers. The natural referencing that we present to you in this article therefore aims to help you improve the visibility of your site and increase your sales. 🚀

Why is SEO important?

SEO is one of the most effective web communication strategies. Indeed, Internet users are attracted to sites which already have a certain popularity on Google. Your objective is therefore to obtain this type of visibility! 👀

SEO is therefore the first step in making your site known and attracting new customers.

Listing your blog is a long process that takes a lot of time. We must therefore not rush and do things in order. Indeed, if you finish this step too quickly, you may not have time to obtain the desired results. To rank your WordPress blog, you need to have time and be patient.

How to index your WordPress blog on Google?

To get your blog listed on Google, you need to start by setting up a web communication strategy. This will allow you to define what are your objectives and your intended targets. You can then determine what actions you will take to achieve your goals. Finally, you have to choose the means and tools that will allow you to achieve your goals.

In this article, we present you 10 tips that will get you to SEO your blog as quickly as possible. 👇

1. Structure your blog for natural referencing

Semantic cocoons are very important to rank your blog. Indeed, it is a structure that allows you to identify your message and distribute it to a targeted audience. It is therefore necessary to use them in the structure of your site.

How to get your site listed on Google? It is important to have relevant categories and subcategories. This will allow Google to fully understand your message and put you in the right sections. It is also important to rank your articles in descending order of importance. This prevents the reader from making too many clicks and prevents the loss of your readers.

To reference your WordPress blog, you must also structure the site in terms of navigation. You can have a home page with the most important categories and articles. Then you can have sub-categories with more targeted and specific articles.

You can integrate semantic cocoons into your site so that it is optimized for natural referencing. Referencing your blog is much easier when it is structured! 📈

2. Content and keywords to reference your blog

Content is one of the keys to good visibility on Google. You must therefore continue to create relevant content on your site and thus improve your positioning on search engines.

It is also important to choose keywords that allow you to rank well. Indeed, Google must be able to understand your content and your keywords.

It is also important to choose keywords that allow you to rank well. Indeed, Google must be able to understand your content and your keywords. If you are well positioned, you will have a better chance of developing your notoriety.

Finally, you will need quality content that is content that is easily readable. You need short text and paragraphs that are easy to read.

3. Understand the structure of an SEO article

First of all, it is important to include your keywords in the title of your article.

It is also important to use a catchy title to attract the visitor to your page. You can use a specific term or an image related to the article. Subsequently, you must specify the theme of your article so that Internet users quickly understand its content.

It is very important to include the keywords in the body of your article. Indeed, Google must be able to understand what you want to present. Keywords should also not be overused as it can harm your SEO. It is also possible to use the keywords in internal links.

Once the article is written, it is important to have someone read it so that they can give you their opinion and point out any errors. Once the text has been revised, you can send it to an SEO specialist who will give you advice and know what to change to improve your SEO.

It is also important to ensure the ergonomics of your article in order to reference your blog. For example, use meta tags to tell Google which keywords are most important. Do not forget to specify the title (H1 but also H2, H3) as well as the keywords and add a description of your article.

Finally, don’t forget to regularly post articles on your site. You need regular content creation to improve your SEO. Therefore, make sure to reach as many readers as possible by broadcasting your content as many times as possible (distribution)

Do not hesitate to read our article on the subject: how to optimize an SEO article .

4. Optimization of images and links

Image optimization is a way to further improve your SEO. Search engines have a preference for sites that use images in their content.

Google, for example, notes that if you used an image in your article, you want it to be read well. Also, if your image description is relevant and uses your blog’s keywords, it can be a great source of additional traffic.

That being said, it is important to keep in mind that having images on a blog is not enough to give it good SEO. Images should be optimized for search engines.

On Google, there are several criteria that are taken into consideration to determine which page will be shown first. Image size, for example, plays a role in how your page ranks. Thus, if your image is too large, it will be considered “spam” by Google.

Feel free to use tools like: to compress your images.

5. Presence on social networks 📲

Being present on social networks is very important. Indeed, this will allow you to distribute the content of your blog. If no one sees your content, you will have a hard time improving your SEO.

As a first step, you must therefore create accounts on social networks and update them regularly.

Another important step in improving your SEO is to have interesting and well-organized content.

It is important that your blog is updated regularly and that your content is relevant and of good quality.

For this, do not hesitate to use tools such as Buffer to post regularly. Plus, it will let you know what works best and what doesn’t. You will be able to improve your blog according to these statistics.

6. The importance of a newsletter 💌

The newsletter is a practical and free communication tool. It’s easy to set up if you know how to do it and use it to communicate with your customers by providing them with useful information about your business or brand.

With a newsletter, your business can stand out from its competition because you can use it to share exclusive information and promotional offers.

The newsletter allows you to keep in touch with your customers and retain them. It is a means of communication that adapts to all types of audiences.

Every time you reach a new customer, you need to keep them informed about new products or services that you are offering. This allows the company to improve its image and reputation.

To create a newsletter, you will need a tool dedicated to this use such as Mailchimp .

7. Use the right SEO tools and plugins

To reference your blog on WordPress, tools like Yoast SEO can help you. This tool allows you to optimize your site for natural referencing. It guides you step by step and gives you all the information to improve your SEO.

A website or blog traffic monitoring tool is also very useful for analyzing statistics and optimizing your content. It is important to know the pages of the site that generate the most traffic in order to optimize them.

There are also plugins for WordPress like All in one SEO that allow you to optimize your blog and optimize your SEO. It also allows you to automatically add metadata in the source code of your page.

To track your progress, we recommend tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

The Google Search Console is a free tool that allows you to measure your site’s results on Google. You can also handle errors on your site.

The goal is not to make your blog or your site profitable, but to create a community around your brand. This community will allow you to gain visibility on the web and to collect potential customers.

Referencing your WordPress blog with Google search console

8. Do guest blogging

Guest blogging is a marketing technique that involves posting articles on other blogs from your own blog.

For this you either need to ask a blog owner you know to let you post an article on their blog.

This technique is very effective in gaining notoriety and visibility. Indeed, by posting an article on another blog, you will attract readers.

In addition, the blog owner may contact you to post your article on their blog. This means that this person likes your content and is interested in you posting more articles on their blog.

Finally, by posting articles on other blogs, you will have more visibility and readers will click on your links to your own site.

This will help boost your backlinks and therefore the authority of your site which will improve the SEO of your site.

9. Be regular! 💪

Adjust your blog to be regular.

This means that you need to regularly post articles on your blog.

You can choose to publish one article per day, or two to three times per week. The frequency is not just up to you, but also how often you can write articles.

In any case, it is important to publish regularly, because this will allow your readers to come back to your blog regularly and attract new readers.

To help you be regular in your post, you can use an editorial calendar to manage your activity and to know when you should publish your articles.

Below you will see how to use artificial intelligence to write faster.

10. Use artificial intelligence to go faster

Use artificial intelligence to go faster.

You can use solutions like Mark Copy to write your articles 3x faster and thus increase the effectiveness of your blog.

All you need to do is give the AI a few pointers and the AI will write your articles in a fraction of the usual time.

Artificial intelligence is a valuable tool that can help you generate a large number of articles.

Indeed, it is much faster and more efficient to use these technologies than to write all the articles on your blog yourself.

Click here to learn more about writing in collaboration with artificial intelligence:


In conclusion of the above article, you saw how to get your blog SEO and how to publish articles there to promote your brand or product.

You have also seen that you can use artificial intelligence to write articles.

However, even if you use these solutions, you will still have to get your hands dirty, the AI is above all an assistant.

You are ready to start getting quality traffic to your blog, and that’s a good thing.

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