November 3, 2021

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The creation of content, also called ” Content Marketing ” is a simple and effective way to reach your audience and develop your brand. But what is content creation and how does it work? A question as simple as this has a fairly complex answer.

Nowadays, companies face significant challenges:

👉How to get the attention of their customers?

👉How to retain their customers?

👉How to differentiate themselves from their competitors?

And an even more important question: how to attract and retain consumers?

The answer is simple: by creating content .

Creating content is an effective way to get your message out, showcase your brand, and gain customer trust. It allows you to stand out from your competition, manage your brand marketing and create a bond between your business and your customers.

We provide you in this article with all the keys to get started in content creation 🔑

1. What is content creation: Definitions ✍️

Content creation is the process of uploading content to a website or blog. It can be a text, a photo, a video or any other type of format (podcast for example). The goal of this action is to promote the visibility of your brand and generate traffic to your site. This involves creating a community around your brand and disseminating your messages to increase your notoriety. Content creation is an economical alternative that is easy to set up and effective for selling.

What is content creation: the advantages 🤩

First of all, you should know that content creation allows you to achieve several objectives:

👉 A new visibility of your brand

👉A privileged relationship with your customers

👉A new way to sell and increase your turnover

👉Generate traffic to your website

👉 Increase your notoriety and position yourself as an expert.

By creating content, you multiply the chances of reaching as many people as possible. It’s an innovative way to interact with your customers. By creating content, you generate much higher than average conversion rates. It’s the best way to get satisfied and loyal customers. ✨

And finally, by creating content, you multiply your chances of selling.

Content creation is a must-have tool to increase your brand awareness and sales.

It allows you to build a special relationship with your customers, making them want to come back to you. By creating content, it is possible to have more experience and more expertise with your audience.

By creating content, you can be your own medium, and thus communicate with your customers and influence their opinion. Above all, content creation allows you to constantly bring traffic to your website. 📈

2. What is content creation: types of content 🙌

Content creation can take an endless number of forms. It is essential to target an audience and to have an overview of the strategy you want to put in place.

The most popular formats are: texts, videos, photos, infographics, podcasts, white papers etc.

But the main thing is to target the type of content to create.

For this, it is necessary to define a precise objective, to know who is your target and what is the purpose of your content creation.

Once the objectives are specified, content creation can begin. In some cases, we can go as far as creating content for different types of audiences. This is called content personalization. 💯

Once the content has been created, it is then necessary to distribute it on the sites and social networks that correspond to the profile of your target.

Remember, content creation is not an end in itself but a traffic acquisition tool. You also need to know what to do with the traffic generated by content creation.

3. How to set up a content strategy 🛠

In 2022, content is king. Companies need to be able to deliver content to their customers at all times to be able to follow them, regardless of their preferred platform.

A content strategy is an action plan to make your website more attractive and more visible.

It is based on a coherent approach to creating relevant content, setting up social networks and distributing content through different platforms.

The key elements of a content strategy are:

Step 1: Set up your content strategy

The first step is to analyze your website and determine what is most likely to interest your visitors. To do this, it’s important to understand what you’re known for, what you do well and why people should know about it, and what sets you apart from your competition.

2nd step : Identify content distribution platforms

The second step is to identify the content distribution platforms (social networks and others) and the users you want to reach.

Step 3: Content creation

The third step is to create content on an ongoing basis. You need to make sure that this content is relevant to your visitors, that it can be shared etc. You also need to define keywords and an SEO plan.

Step 4: Distributing your content

The fourth step is to create a distribution plan. You need to make your content accessible to as many people as possible.

Many companies produce content but forget about distributing it. Allocate 20% to content creation and 80% to distribution!

Final step: Analysis of the results

The last step is to collect data on the results of your content. You need to assess your progress and answer the following questions

👉What works best?

👉What does not work as well?

👉Have you achieved your goals?

👉Why? To what extent?

4. Marketing content writing: how to be effective

There are many tools for creating content. The priority is to create engaging content that is attractive to visitors.

Mark Copy lets you write optimized content 3 times faster with artificial intelligence. It is a practical and powerful content writing assistant. 🤖

It will allow your website to rank more easily on Google, which will allow you to increase your traffic and your turnover.

The software is very easy to use and allows you to create quality content, which is not necessarily obvious when you are a beginner. Besides, it analyzes your content and helps you improve your SEO.

Getting back to the content 👇

Marketing content is based on engagement, as mentioned above. This means that the visitor must be captivated by your content and that he must want to share it.

For this, it is important to create content that is relevant to your offer, your products or your services. For example, if you sell bicycles, you can recommend cycling routes. If you sell cameras, you can showcase photos of landscapes or your products.

If you want to focus content on your business, consider sharing relevant information that touches on the following topics:

👉What are the problems that people face in your industry?

👉What type of customers are interested in your offer?

👉What are the questions you hear most often and the answers you give them?

👉What are the advantages of your products or services?

👉What are the best practices in your industry?

👉How do your products or services improve performance or improve life?

👉How can your product be used in unexpected ways?

The subjects are unlimited! By using these strategies, you will be able to produce quality content quickly.


In conclusion, quality content is an essential component of your content strategy, because it allows you to develop your visibility and your reputation. Once you’ve created and shared great content, you can use the other components of your marketing strategy to drive more traffic to your website. For example, SEA can help boost your SEO content!

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