If you are just starting your SEO strategy or want to go deeper into it, this article will certainly save you some valuable hours! The basis of SEO is indeed the creation of content. The semantic pillar in SEO is an essential lever to take your SEO to the next level on search engines. But creating content for the web is a very time consuming activity. So did you know that there are tools that can save you a lot of time? These are the text generators. We explain everything in this article and give you some concrete examples of how to use a text generator for your SEO!

1. What is a text generator?

A text generator is an online tool, designed to help people create blog posts, white papers, product and service descriptions, advertisements, promotional items, banners and much more. Thanks to the ease of use of these tools, you can create original and quality content in minutes.

The text generator works via artificial intelligence and GPT-3 technology, one of the most advanced to date. This is a language model that was developed by the OpenAI company. Using this technology, the text generator will create random sentences to form meaningful paragraphs. This tool is very useful to write a text quickly and easily.

The text generator is widely used in SEO, because it allows you to create a mass of content on a specific theme, in a simple and effective way. This is an opportunity when you know that providing quality content to users is a very important factor to rank well in search engines. Google loves websites that offer quality text. The text generator is therefore an asset to have in his game to serve his SEO!

But content creation is not everything. In order to rank well, it is also important to make sure that the content of your website is easy to read and understand by Google crawlers. The text generator makes it possible to satisfy this requirement of the algorithm, while saving time on a daily basis. The text generated by the artificial intelligence is unique and original. There is no risk of duplicate content that could penalize your SEO. When writing text for your website, it is very useful to use a text generator.

2. Who can use a text generator?

The content generator can be used by all types of companies: from start-ups to large companies, including SMEs. The tool adapts to the needs of each structure by proposing different plans according to the necessary functionalities and the available budget. This tool is designed to save time and therefore money for companies wishing to develop their marketing strategy. The text generator allows them to make themselves known, without having to spend hours on content creation.

The tool is accessible to all! That’s what the text generator is all about. It can be used by content marketers and novices alike. The platform is intuitive and allows beginners to immerse themselves in the world of digital marketing. The use of the content generator does not require any advanced knowledge in writing or SEO since the tool guides you step by step. He will write for you and provide you with the necessary SEO recommendations to optimize your text. Only a few slight corrections or adaptations are sometimes necessary to obtain a text that meets your requirements.

3. For what type of content should I use a text generator?

The text generator is useful for writing all types of texts. It was designed for marketing purposes first and foremost, and offers different editorial templates for each of your media. The way the technology works is the same on each template. So you don’t have to start from scratch to understand how to use the tool. Here are some examples of content you can write via AI:

  • Blog post
  • Product description
  • Web page
  • Social networking post
  • Ads campaigns
  • Newsletter
  • Meta description
  • Prospecting, follow up or thank you emails
  • Your name, slogan or value proposition

Once you master the technology, the possibilities are endless! The text generator allows you to optimize, automate and accelerate your content production. The tool will allow you to produce quality and well-targeted content to maximize your conversions. With a text generator, you have in your hands an all-in-one tool to save time in the implementation of your content marketing.

4. How to use the text generator for SEO?

Content is one of the pillars of your website’s SEO. The text generators provide an interactive interface that allows you to create quality, fully customized content. To do this, simply enter the theme of your content and the text generator will immediately suggest :

  • A strong title for your text, with the necessary copywriting touch to immediately capture the attention of your readers.
  • A list of keywords related to the theme of your text. You can choose keywords based on their relevance and level of competition, and then generate optimized text via AI to rank for those SEO keywords.
  • Summary ideas to structure your article, with all Hn headings tagged directly in the text generator’s writing interface.
  • Paragraphs written on the themes of your choice, or those proposed by the IA.

The interface of the text generator is very intuitive. Everything is done to guide you step by step in the writing of your text assisted by AI. A “generate more” button is available to allow you to create more content on the theme of your choice. To check the quality of the text generated by the tool, the plagiarism detector is available at any time to scan your content. This way, you can be sure to offer 100% original and unique content to your readers.

The text generator offers functionalities specifically dedicated to referencing. The writing interface informs you about the number of words in your text. The tool gives you an SEO score in real time. With the help of writing recommendations, you can review the structure of your article, your titles and your keywords to maximize your chances of ranking well in search engines. You can also use the meta title and meta description generator, which are essential before publishing your content on the web.

5. What are the advantages of the text generator?

You save writing time

The text generator saves you a lot of time on writing your texts. With this tool, the AI takes care of writing the paragraphs for you. Just give it the topic of your essay and click the button to start writing. To maximize the performance of text generators, the ideal is to provide the tool with the most accurate context possible. The more you direct the text generator to where you want to go, the more relevant the paragraphs it will generate will be.

You publish content regularly

The text generator allows you to write content much more easily and quickly than if you were to do it yourself. Regardless of skill level, text writing becomes accessible to all. The text generator is a real opportunity in the realization of this time-consuming step in SEO. This time saving allows you to publish new content more regularly, and thus, better satisfy the algorithm for your SEO!

You get quality content

The text generator allows you to keep the same level of quality as when you write a text alone. AI assistance can even allow you to go upmarket in the relevance of the content you offer. The text generator is able to offer you a lot of ideas to answer users’ questions. It’s up to you to keep the ones you think are the most relevant to publish! The tool has been designed not to generate duplicate content. But if it makes you feel better, you can check the authenticity of your text with the plagiarism detector integrated in the text generator.

You control your marketing costs

The text generator allows you to internalize the writing of all your marketing content within your company. Since no skills are required to use the tool, anyone can do it. You are no longer obliged to subcontract this task to an external provider and you keep total control of your content strategy internally, and therefore of your costs!

6. Example of using the SEO text generator in 6 steps

So now that you understand what a text generator is and what are the advantages of this tool, let’s see concretely how to use it for your SEO. In this part, we will see, step by step, an example of using the text generator. Let’s take the example of writing a blog post on the query “What is SEO?”

Step 1: Open your text generator

Template blog Mark Copy AI

Start by choosing the “Full blog post” template on your text generator tool.

Mark Copy AI Editor Interface

Then, start using the writing interface of your text generator, as well as all the features built into your AI tool.

Step 2: Generate an SEO title

Once you open the writing interface, start generating a catchy SEO title for your blog post. This title must appeal to both search engines and users. It must be tagged as “H1”, that is, main title of this web page. The “H1” tag is written this way in HTML format:


The text generator will automatically mark up your titles with the correct hierarchy. So you don’t have to worry about it!
Mark Copy AI blog post title generator

Based on the theme of the blog post you want to write, let the AI suggest all possible titles.

Select the most relevant one or choose to generate new ones if none of them suits you 100%.

Step 3: Encourage people to read the blog post

Once you have selected the title, start generating the introduction to your blog post. This small text at the top of the page is strategic. It should make you want to continue reading the full article. To do this, the reader’s curiosity must be aroused.

Mark Copy AI Blog Introduction

Choose the blog introduction that you think is most catchy and relevant or press “Generate More” to get more text.

Step 4: Structuring your speech

Then let the AI suggest a summary. This will help to structure your content for the reader and to better understand your content for the referencing robots.

Mark Copy AI blog post summary generator

Select the summary that best fits what you want to write.

Summary blog Mark Copy AI

Step 5: Respond to the research intent

Now, start writing your blog paragraphs below each subpart of the summary. AI knows perfectly well how to respond to users’ search intent! So trust him to write relevant paragraphs.

Mark Copy AI Blog Paragraph

Integrate the paragraphs written by the text generator directly into the tool’s writing interface and click the “Write More” button to expand your paragraphs.

Mark Copy AI paragraph text generator

Step 6: Target the right SEO keywords and check the SEO criteria

Enter your target keyword and choose among the most relevant main keywords according to the level of competition and the monthly search volume.

Check the SEO criteria taken into account by the referencing robots:

  • Number of words in your blog post
  • Number of internal and external links
  • Tagging of all your titles
  • Presence of your keywords in the text
Plagiarism detector blog Mark Copy AI

Scan your final text with the plagiarism detector. Search engines only index unique texts, which do not contain duplicated content. Make sure your text is 100% original!

It’s up to you!

Now, text generators hold no secrets for you. Now all you have to do is apply these tips to take your SEO to the next level!

So what are you waiting for? Try the Mark Copy text generator for free. Sign up now and make your own opinion about AI text generators.

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