In this article, I will show you how to generate the perfect SEO blog post outlines using Mark Copy AI.

So in the Full blog post template, under I’m going to click on outlines :

SEO blog post outlines

Then I will enter my title that includes my primary keywords, so the AI can create an outline that is SEO optimized :

In this case, my primary keyword is “Wet cat food vs dry cat food”

You can also select the language, here we will choose English.

We click on generate and now Mark Copy AI is going to give use a bunch of outlines that we can assemble

To get the perfect outline.

SEO Outlines Generator

And voilà ! We have a great start to an SEO outline that is related to the user intent (in this case it’s informational)

We can now click on the Outline to add it in the article and we can then use the Paragraph tool to generate the rest of our content 🙂

Also don’t forget to navigate on the SEO tab and enter your primary keyword to get SEO recommendations !

SEO recommendations Mark Copy
About the Author Selim Chehimi

CEO @MarkCopy

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