SEO and SEA are different but complementary! Indeed, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keyword optimization and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) paid search engine advertising are very similar aspects. 👀

However, there are several key differences that define these two areas. SEO keywords and SEA paid search engine advertising are very similar definitions. In this article, we’ll walk you through these differences and give you some tips on choosing the right tools. 🚀

1. What is SEO?

Keyword optimization (SEO) is the most important part of SEO strategy. It allows, by making the right choice of keywords, to optimize the appearance of your website and obtain good natural referencing on search engines and thus bring traffic to your website.

SEO is a sub-category of digital marketing. This part of digital marketing allows you to have good natural referencing! 📈

The goal of SEO is to have good natural referencing on search engines. The goal is therefore to rank well in search engine results and thus attract traffic to your website. To have good natural referencing, you have to choose your keywords carefully and be present on search engines with relevant links.

2. What is SEA?

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is a part of digital marketing. Its main purpose is to promote a website or product by highlighting selected keywords and advertisements on search results.

SEA is a very effective promotional tool that allows a website or a product to be known quickly on the internet.

Paid advertising allows you to choose a targeted audience based on criteria defined beforehand. It allows you to spread your message nationally or locally, depending on your needs.

In addition to allowing you to promote your site or your product quickly, SEA is an excellent way to gain notoriety and increase your visibility on the internet.

3. The notable differences between SEO and SEA

SEO and SEA are different but complementary. Indeed, SEO is organic: you write content by placing the right keywords. SEO is often seen as free even if it is not really the case because producing content with the right tools takes an investment (often time).

SEA is chargeable: you pay for an advertisement for a keyword (Google Ads) or you display an advertisement on a social network (Facebook Ads, YouTube ads, etc.).

Another notable difference between SEO and SEA is the time to results. SEO is often considered to be work that is done over the long term (6 months and more) to obtain results. While SEA is short term: you get first results in 1-3 months.

4. What are the tools for doing SEO and SEA?

Whether performing SEO or SEA, it is necessary to use the appropriate tools. Without tools you will be lost and the results will be poor. Regarding SEO, do not hesitate to read this article which mentions the main tools to optimize your SEO.

Regarding the SEA, there are several types of tools: Google ads , Facebook Ads , YouTube Ads etc. These tools allow you to monetize your site through advertising campaigns. They also allow you to manage your campaigns in real time and analyze the results. Why use the SEA?

SEO is a long process. If you don’t have the time to optimize your SEO or you’re not an SEO expert, SEA is a great way to do business. It saves money fast and saves SEO experience. How to do SEO and SEA?

The ideal is to combine the 2 techniques to obtain faster results. For example: you can drive traffic to your site with ads on Facebook and Google. And at the same time optimize your site for natural referencing. This is what we will see below.

5. How to combine SEO and SEA?

As we said before, SEO is a long process, while SEA can get you results quickly. We therefore recommend that you pair the two. You will generate traffic through paid campaigns and at the same time you will optimize the presence of your site on search engines. This combination of the two techniques is easy to implement. You don’t have to be an SEO or advertising expert to set it up. How to do ?

First of all, you need to define the goals of your campaigns. Why do you want to do SEA? Is it to market your business, increase your sales or attract more visitors? You should also define the objectives of your advertising campaigns. What do you want to do by doing SEA? Target a new target segment, increase your sales or promote your brand?

Once you’ve set your goals, it’s time to reach out to your audience. You have the choice between Facebook and Google Ads. Why Facebook? Facebook is a social network which has an audience of nearly 2 billion Internet users. So you can easily promote your brand, business or products through these campaigns.

Google Ads is a very recognized advertising network. You can easily reach thousands of people with Google’s paid campaigns.

At the same time, do not neglect your SEO: that is, the creation of different content to improve your SEO. This already makes a good list of ideas for optimizing your advertising strategy. You will now be able to implement these ideas to invest your budgets well!

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