Learn how to write a blog post quickly with Mark Copy.

Are you getting into creating or writing content for a blog? Do you have a blog but lack inspiration? How to write an article, find good topics and optimize its SEO? It may sound complicated, but you can do it.

Do you know what a blog post really is?

A blog post is written content that is posted on a blog, and is often written to inform, entertain, or persuade readers. A blog post can be longer than a news story and can be shaped into different formats and for different purposes.

Discover all the steps and tips for writing an effective blog post and say goodbye to the blank page syndrome. We are also going to give you examples of blog articles: the blog article that is both effective and catchy (that is to say that you will want to read it, and share it), the article of humorous blog, the more serious blog post, the blog post that makes you want to solve a problem, the blog post that makes you want to buy something.

Create a strategy before you start!

If you want to create good content that makes a difference by standing out from flat and unoriginal content, the first step is to develop a strategy.

This means going step by step, from defining your target to the type of content most likely to hook that target.

  • Choose a good starting idea;
  • Research your theme;
  • Establish your plan;
  • Get started!

For your strategy, you will need to define the number of words per article. Remember, when you write a blog post, it often feels like it has to be a really long post. But believe us, the limit between a good and a bad article is not the number of words, but the relevance of the arguments. This is why today you must produce quality articles above all!

Quality is the key to success

mark copy

Once you have decided on the number of words to produce, you must also determine the structure of your article. There are several types of items:

Long articles : you are often asked to write articles that can reach 10,000 words. For example, if you write an article for a blog, it can be an article that explains a technique or details a strategy.

Short articles : these are the kind of articles that are often written for blogs. They consist of approximately 300 and 2000 words. These are articles that provide some quick information to your audience and answer the user’s question.

Now we are going to show you how to write a blog post step by step. 👇

Write your blog post step by step…

Take care of your title

A good article starts with a good title. The title of your article is the first element that will attract and hold the attention of your target. Therefore, finding a title that will optimize the SEO of your article is essential.

Your title should:

  • To be visible
  • Be short (with a maximum of 70 characters);
  • To win over ;
  • Be well referenced.

A catchy title should be relevant, consistent and contain one or more keywords. Here are some examples of titles that “catch”:

– 15 effective techniques to become a real seductress

7 positive attitudes to succeed in all your businesses

How to lose 10 kg in 2 months without sport

The Secret to Public Speaking

In HTML language, the title must correspond to the “title tag” which is at the beginning of the code and which acts as the HTML header. It’s also this tag that shows up in search results and makes you want to click on the link.

Hang on from the introduction

The second step in writing a blog post is the introduction . If you have managed to arouse the interest of your reader thanks to your title, everything is not yet settled. Now you need to be able to keep your reader engaged, so they want to keep reading you, cover to cover.

For that, let’s see how to write a captivating introduction.

  • Use the 5W rule.
  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?

To put it simply in French, “ who is concerned ?”, “ what is it about ?”, “ when did this take place ?”, “ where ?”, “ why ?”

Here is an example of a captivating introduction:

Let’s talk about the title How to lose 10 kg in two months without sport

A quantified promise of weight loss is clearly stated with a deadline to achieve the result:

the loss of 10 kg without constraint (no sport). This suggests solutions other than sport and physical effort to adopt.

Your introduction could be:

No more need to go to the gym, no more need to deprive yourself of good meals. It is not a classic diet, it is not binding. Lose weight gently, while having fun. Have you started a sports activity without reliable results or are you regaining the lost pounds as quickly as they are gone? It is very common! Fortunately, there is a proven solution that will not disappoint you! Discover xxx and adopt it!

Now that we’ve reviewed the tips for an effective title and introduction, let’s tackle writing the body of your article.

How to write a successful blog post?

If you are a web editor or blogger, you certainly know that creating content is the main problem in content marketing. For your reader to want to read your entire article, it must be airy , clear and adaptable to all media, to facilitate reading.

The principle of the pyramid in writing is very popular, especially that of the inverted pyramid. It’s about getting straight to the point, directly revealing the essential information. Following this same principle, you will deal with details later in your article.

  • Write a detailed plan of your article (with your ideas)
  • Then group these ideas into sub-parts or sub-titles (h2 or h3)
  • Bring your articles to life (use storytelling)
  • Submit your article for external review

Optimize your blog post with SEO

First of all, what is natural referencing or SEO?

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method of optimizing a website for referencing in the results of search engines such as Google. The goal of natural referencing is to ensure that your site appears in the first results when Internet users do a search.

In order to achieve a good natural referencing, we take into account many points and study the different possibilities to make your site more visible.

Natural referencing or SEO is the optimization of an article or a website for better visibility in search engine results.

Optimizing your blog post is:

  • Introduce the keywords in your article;
  • Add images and links related to your theme;
  • Find the right tone;
  • Work on readability;
  • Avoid plagiarism.

Assume that the Internet user is not very patient and wants to access information quickly. So keep it short, favor bulleted lists and present key information from the first paragraphs.

A well-prepared natural referencing requires quality content.

To create quality content, you first have to create valuable content, and to create valuable content, you have to be interesting.

To be interesting, you have to understand people, how they work and adapt to them. SEO is above all a work of empathy: you must answer the question that the user is asking.

When you write content that speaks to your readers, their needs and their aspirations, you will be able to create a relationship with them. This relationship means they will be more likely to return to your site. And when they come back, you’re more likely to have them visit other pages and articles and make purchases on your site.

Beware, if you try to build a relationship with your customers without thinking about creating quality content, you won’t be able to get results.

Creating a quality blog post will allow you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. This will allow you to attract qualified traffic to your site and build a network of relationships.

See this picture:

By setting yourself apart from the competition, quality blogs allow you to attract qualified traffic to your site and develop your network.

Remember: a quality blog post is first and foremost an answer to a question.

Write 3x faster with Mark Copy

If despite all these solutions you face the syndrome of the white page, that you cannot manage to obtain ideas or that you are not fast enough, there is always a solution. To write your articles three times faster, optimize them and gain in efficiency, Mark Copy is there for you! You are probably wondering what Mark Copy is? It is simply:

The number ONE writing tool

Mark is the tool created and designed for writing SEO optimized content, with ease and saving you time.

How it works ?

Web writing has never been easier. With Mark, artificial intelligence, creating a blog and adding the best articles to it is child’s play!

First of all,

  • Choose a template (title, blog ideas, etc.);

And then,

  • Describe your service / your expectations (keywords);

And let Mark’s magic work! Thanks to a combination of ideas and well-defined keywords, Mark automatically generates quality content, optimized and adapted to your theme.

Now you know everything about writing blog posts. And if you need a little help, don’t hesitate! Mark helps you with an idea, to develop the structure of your article and to optimize it all in one click! You save precious time and regain a taste for writing. Step into the future of web writing now by adopting Mark.

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