Copysmith is a cute little app that allows you to create content with AI, however, a new challenger has emerged and it’s called Mark Copy AI. In this article we will show you why it’s much better…

Mark Copy AI offers more features and is more efficient. Copysmith brings with it a problem: it’s not user friendly, doesn’t have a strong community, and doesn’t generate SEO-optimized articles.

First of all, Mark Copy’s interface is much more intuitive. Moreover, the tool is more accurate and reliable.

In this article we will show you why Mark Copy AI is definitely the best Copysmith alternatives.

What is Mark Copy: Overview

Have you ever thought of the possibility of creating content 10x faster? With Mark Copy AI you can scale your content creation. It is a powerful tool that helps you optimize your SEO articles. It is a great addition to any content marketing strategy. With Mark Copy AI, you can create more high-quality, optimized content in less time.

The tool leverages AI and machine learning to help you create at least 30% more content than your usual approach.

Mark Copy AI is designed for marketers, SEO specialists, agencies, social media managers and entrepreneurs. With Mark Copy AI, you can create SEO-optimized content faster than ever!

The app will write with you – it’s a common vision of Mark Copy AI and Copysmith. Both of our approach are in co-creation with humans.

Mark Copy the Copysmith alternative

Visit Mark Copy’s landing page.

Mark Copy has more comprehensive features than Copysmith

Copismith was designed exclusively for Enterprise which makes its platform very hard to grasp. You’ll actually need some skills to create high-quality original content on Copysmith.

Mark Copy AI, on the contrary, has been thought for the end-user from the start. It has a very simple user interface and anyone can use it without any knowledge about writing or copywriting.

Mark Copy AI is the next generation of AI. It leverages AI and machine learning to create original content in just one click.

Mark Copy’s #1 advantage that Copysmith does not have

Mark Copy AI will help you to write high-converting content consistently. It has been thought with an SEO-first approach. Copysmith, however, is really struggling with SEO.

Copysmith Frase SEO

As you can see on the screen above, the interface is really complicated. You not only need to understand how Copysmith works, you also need to understand Frase (their SEO integration).

Mark Copy AI doesn’t work this way : it has been thought for SEO. Therefore, you only have to grasp Mark Copy AI to be able to write optimized SEO content.

Mark Copy AI the Copysmith Alternative

The UX and UI is clear and definitely more simple to use !

Mark Copy AI offers a better user experience than Copysmith

Let’s compare the core features of Mark Copy AI and Copysmith : the blog post editor.

Copysmith interface

On Copysmith you can see that the options are not really clear.

On Mark Copy AI, the interface is so much more clear with 2 simple tabs : General and SEO (that includes a content score compared to Copysmith).

Mark Copy vs Copysmith SEO

But again, it’s not Copysmith fault… they just thought their product for Enterprise and not the end user. We worked alongside end users to make Mark Copy AI which is a big difference.

Copysmith is not really your best security friend…

We were a bit surprised about Copysmith SEO recommendations :

Copysmith SEO integrations

We looked for “SEO keywords” as main keyword and as you can see, they tell you to include the word “keywords” 198 times.

Keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO technique that must be avoided at all cost.

With Mark Copy AI, you can’t go wrong when it comes to SEO…

Copysmith and its pricing: a similar approach with Mark Copy AI but not as clear

Copysmith pricing

It’s not really clear on Copysmith what each plan can get you. They have both words and credits.

What can you do with 75 credits ? If you take their starter plan you might have to upgrade fast.

On Mark Copy AI however our pricing are super clear :

Mark Copy Pricing page

One SEO article of 1000 words can be written with 15-25 of our text generations which makes it very easy to understand our pricing.

Click here to get more details on Mark Copy AI pricing

No Community on Copysmith

One of the main differences between Mark Copy AI and Copysmith is the community. Mark Copy AI has a great community where people help each other. You can post your questions and see how other people are solving their problems. You can also see what people are asking and find solutions to these problems. In Copysmith, they have added a community but it is not as active as Mark Copy’s.

The best Copysmith alternatives : Mark Copy AI – what should you remember?

Mark Copy AI is clearly the best solution out there. There are several alternatives to Copysmith and we have just discussed one of them : Mark Copy AI.

The main reason why Copysmith is not as good as Mark Copy AI is because it doesn’t have a very clear interface, and features. Additionally, you might have to upgrade your plan pretty quickly because of the low number of credits that you can get for $19.

Mark Copy AI is clearly the best option for you if you want to save time and money and be more visible through content marketing.

About the Author Selim Chehimi

CEO @MarkCopy

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